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Carole Martineau: The New NSK Receptionist

Carole Marineau

The latest member to join the NSK team is Carole Martineau. As front desk and receptionist, Carole’s responsibilities involve not only answering phone calls; but also providing support to anyone who needs it. Carole makes sure that office and kitchen supplies are always in stock, and that any shipping process is properly initiated and handled. Carole’s range of duties also includes a partial involvement with the marketing department, which consists of ensuring that all the anniversary gifts are correctly forwarded to the company’s clients and sending chocolate filled NSK mugs out to potential and existing clients.

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Brooke Polner: New NSK Office Manager/HR Admin

brooke polner

The new Office Manager and Human Resources Administrator is Brooke Polner, who joined the NSK family on August 26th. As the guardian of the smooth running of the office, Brooke’s primary responsibilities include organizing and supervising all of the administrative activities. This also implies keeping up with all of the HR responsibilities which may include providing the other employees with guidance and direction to compensation, benefits, and details of the work load.

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Coco, the hacker cat

network security

Coco is a Siamese cat that lives in Washington, D.C. with his owner Nancy. One day, after taking a few naps, Coco decided to go on a journey. He went wandering around his suburban neighborhood, and spent three hours exploring nearby backyards. He did some hunting, and eventually killed a mouse whose corpse was thoughtfully brought home to his octogenarian owner as a gift.

Series 3 - Making Your Server Migration Happen

Softway Solutions 3D Development

So you’ve gotten your head around cloud lingo, and you’ve identified which type of server migration works best for your company’s needs. (If you’re here and you haven’t yet considered these things, check the blog posts hyperlinked in the preceding sentence). All that’s left to do is prepare your company for the migration. This is, of course, easier said than done and unique to every office. NSK is here to offer some general ideas and considerations for your move.

Series 2 - Three Options for Migrating to the Cloud

pavis cloud

First: if you haven’t already done so, we highly recommend reading our blog post on Cloud Lingo before continuing. Things get hooey if you don't have the cloud-vocabulary nailed down.

Series 1 - The Cloud Lingo and What it all Means

Cloud Clients

Companies today have a confusing array of choices when it comes to IT services, from public to hybrid to private clouds and all different types of virtual environments.  With all these choices, how can you understand if the cloud is for you?  This series of articles will try to explain some of the lingo used for cloud services and give you an idea on whether or not you or your company is ready to move to the cloud.

Meet NSK Help Desk Support Team Member Hakeem Nance


Hakeem began working at NSK Inc. this past March as a member of the Help Desk Support team. He has many years of experience in the Support field in various Support/Service Desk positions, but this is his first for a company so closely involved with clients’ individually: at NSK, he considers himself working for the clients. It’s a challenging approach to Support, and Hakeem is proud to take it on.  

The End-of-Life for Small Business Server is Coming: What Can You Do?

Nail in the proverbial coffin

As you may or may not know, the end-of-life date of Windows Small Business Server 2003 is July 14, 2015. This means Microsoft will be terminating services for the line, services that provide crucial security updates and patches. This termination will be akin to the Windows XP termination this past April: XP can still run on desktops, but the product is off the shelf both commercially and in terms of Microsoft’s internal support; vulnerable, it is a security disaster waiting to happen and generally will not pass regulations. The problems in upgrading a server are similar but far bigger, and the popular mad-dash-switch strategy is not feasible for companies relying heavily on fully-operational 24/7 server activity. The whole infrastructure of a system, in many cases carefully built up over years, needs to be reworked – and this takes time, time that can be born only out of ample foresight. Though the end-of-life for the Small Business Server 2003 is a year away, the question must be asked now: what are we going to do about upgrading?

 (Image courtesy of blog.zensoftware.co.uk) 

The popular option has been to pack up the old, on-premises server and switch to a milder cloud service, and for smaller virtual businesses this might be a good option. At NSK, we are expert with Office 365, Microsoft’s newest all-cloud offering. It’s a fully virtual Microsoft Office system with unprecedented access flexibility from desktop, mobile, and tablet. It’s got 25 GB of storage per user, full Microsoft office suite, and security features galore. Cloud offers like this generally charge a monthly per user rate, and Office 365 is no exception. You can find more information about price-scales here. And for more details regarding 365’s offerings, check out NSK Inc.’s Office 365 page: http://www.nskinc.com/it-services/office-365/

Meet NSK's Technical Client Service Representative Nicole Mix!

describe the image

Nicole began working at NSK on February 10, 2014 as our Technical Client Service Representative. She brings with her a wide variety of IT and customer support skills developed over her many years in the industry. She has worked at small companies, for which she personally managed all facets of computer installation and maintenance, was a key website developer and managed all equipment orders for the medicine company Lhasa OMS, and was an integral member of Granite Telecommunications’ coding/software maintenance team. At each of these jobs she had a crucial role in managing office tasks and was an outstanding member of customer service teams. 



The following is excerpted from an important blog by AppRiver on a new and highly dangerous Malware campaign

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