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NSK named in BBJ's Largest IT Services Firms in Massachusetts 2015

Posted by Cathie Briggette Fri, Aug 28, 2015

NSK Inc Named in “The Largest IT Consulting Firms in Massachusetts” top 25 in the Boston Business Journal


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My Laptop Got Stolen -- How to Protect Your Device and Information

Posted by Andrew Sullivan Wed, Aug 26, 2015

"Someone strolled into our four-story, Class-A professional building, then into our second-floor office suite and stole my primary business computer -- an Apple MacBook Air -- right off my desk."

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Databases: The Underlying IT Business Solution

Posted by Dillon MacInnis Thu, Aug 20, 2015

When building an office solution, an IT professional must naturally include the historical essentials: word-processing programs, spreadsheet applications, and email management software. These are the kinds of tools that allow users to organize and nominally exchange information through a practical and familiar process. Certainly, however, they are primarily built to support the capacity of the individual within the workplace. These tools do not necessarily unify or integrate an office into an operational system where information is uniformly available and actionable. The tool that delivers this function is a database, and it is an investment that defines the true establishment of an information system. Databases are a solution that comes in several sizes and fashions. Additionally, large and small businesses alike are able to use databases in a way that best meets their needs as an organization. Depending on industrial, compositional, and geographical requirements, a business can uniquely utilize databases to create a comprehensive information system that improves its collective ability to coordinate its actions.

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Tech Fixes: How to Create a SPAM filter in Office 365

Posted by Mauricio Cornejo Wed, Aug 19, 2015

It took me a few minutes to figure it out so I thought I’d share how it’s done.

    • Open a web browser to
    • Log in to your Office 365 with an account that has the necessary administrative credentials.
    • After logging in, click the Admin dropdown in the upper right corner and select Exchange.  (See  Fig. 1 below).
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Windows 10 vs. Windows 8: What to Expect

Posted by Dillon MacInnis Tue, Aug 18, 2015

As Microsoft subscribers encounter the offer to update their operating system, it is important for them to consider what they can expect from Windows 10 in terms of upgrades and alterations.

At NSK, Inc., we recommend that our customers and clients wait to initialize the Windows 10 upgrade until after they have discussed expectations and advantages with their IT Managed Services Specialist.

Nonetheless, we have created a comparison chart that outlines some of the simplest differences between Windows 10 and its predecessor. We will offer comprehensive training and advice regarding how to navigate Microsoft's new operating system. As Microsoft has declared that this will be their final operating system to be made available in this traditional form, understanding Windows 10 may become a vital part of taking full advantage of the integration of cloud computing into personal computer technology.

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Microsoft Azure: Opening Doors and Closing Windows

Posted by Dillon MacInnis Mon, Aug 17, 2015

The reality that a massive online retailer, dominating search engine provider, and long-reigning operating system developer have all entered the cloud platform industry is proof of cloud technology’s prowess as a solution. Although Amazon Web Services is a popular attraction for businesses of all sizes, the cloud-computing platform enterprise remains competitive as businesses of all sizes devise new methods of taking advantage of large, networked data centers. Parallel to the recently released Windows 10 Operating System, Microsoft has increased the vigor of their approach to developing and marketing their own cloud-computing platform called Microsoft Azure. While the brand that they are promoting highlights the benefits of adopting their platform, Microsoft does not lack the versatility required to support the authenticity of their fairly aggressive campaign. Microsoft Azure’s arsenal of web services make their platform a viable option for countless businesses.

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f.lux: Technology Accounting for Human Biology

Posted by Dillon MacInnis Thu, Aug 13, 2015

Staring at a display monitor has become a standard in the American work environment. Few industries allow any of its workers to avoid the use of a computer altogether, and those workers who do not have to spend their workday managing tasks and exchanging information using a computer often use a portion of their free time to navigate their mobile devices, tablets, or personal home computers. Nonetheless, it is no secret that humans are spending more and more of their time using computing devices, but it is important to notice the mandatory nature of this phenomenon. Although businesses and scientists alike are constantly discovering new ways to improve the capabilities of these computers and devices, less time is invested into decreasing the negative effects of spending so much of our time looking at these screens and living virtually. Recently gaining momentum, however, is a computer software called f.lux that acknowledges one of the problems with fixating our eyes on displays that is regularly ignored. While we are becoming more careful about adjusting our brightness to match our environment, there is no built-in setting in our operating systems that allows us to manage the color temperature of our screens. f.lux resolves this concern.

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Top 10 Questions to ask your managed services provider about Office 365

Posted by Cathie Briggette Thu, Aug 06, 2015

These are the Top 10 questions you should ask your IT department or IT Managed Services provider when you are considering Office 365 and the cloud for your business.

1. Who owns the data we store as part of Office 365, and will Microsoft use our data to build advertising products?

As a customer of Office 365, you own and control your own data. Microsoft does not use your data for anything other than providing you with the service that you have subscribed for. Microsoft does not scan your email or documents for advertising purposes. 

The following table explains how Microsoft uses your Office 365 Data:

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Virtual Desktop Implications Redefine the "Personal Computer"

Posted by Dillon MacInnis Wed, Aug 05, 2015

Navigating your desktop on a display monitor without a computer tower in sight is becoming easier and easier to imagine. It can be a strange sensation to realize that the base units that have defined the experience of purchasing a new computer is slowly becoming a feature of the past, but the implementation of virtual desktops suggests a movement in this direction. The greatest question in this context, however, asks how far we are traveling in a direction towards a client device with no local computing power. As we migrate more and more components of computing processing to on-site servers and off-site clouds, what is left at our desk becomes less material. Even our laptops are requiring fewer physical features beyond the display screen. While network capabilities must remain integral, our understanding of the constitution of our “personal computer" becomes less static. Instead of purchasing a computer based on its processing power, storage, and ports, users will purchase a cloud package with particular storage and processing features as well as a client device with selected display and network traits. Of course, this is difficult to say with certainty, but the exploration of changes in client devices and cloud technology can be grounds for constructing reasonable expectations.

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How Secure is Office 365

Posted by Cathie Briggette Mon, Aug 03, 2015

It's your data, you own it, you control it and it is yours to take with you if you decide to leave the service.  But how secure is Office 365?  Read on:

Built in Security

  • Service-level security through definense-in depth
  • Customer controls within the service
  • Security hardening and operational best practices

Office 365 is a security-hardened service, designed following the Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle. Microsoft brings together the best practices from two decades of building enterprise software and managing online services to give you an integrated software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution.

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