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What Data Discovery Tools do you need in 2017?

Posted by Robert Cordray Mon, May 01, 2017


Data has always been a driving force in the decision-making process for businesses. If you capture relevant information in the market, you can quickly make smart and strategic plans that can lead to growth and give you a competitive advantage.

There is high demand for more data, and this has significantly influenced the business landscape. As such, data discovering has emerged as the fastest-growing and changing trend of the business intelligence markets. Technology has enabled the manufacturing of tools that differ with the traditional systems of record in which the IT managed services provider was able to push reports out to the entire organization.

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Topics: Data Security, data storage, data mapping

What is Data Mapping Software?

Posted by Robert Cordray Thu, Apr 06, 2017

Data mapping is typically the first step in integration of different data models. The process is used in data warehousing to link data sets according to specific data element definitions. The standards used depend on the domain values of the model used.

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Topics: Data Security, data storage, data mapping